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Unique SAE
Here are some components, accessories and SAE dealer/promotional items you don't see very often.

These banners where given to SAE dealers to display in their store and used at trade shows. Obviously, these are extremely rare items. From what I can tell from pictures, they were made is numerous colors. So far, I have only found the white and purple ones.

SAE Signal Generator
SAE manufactured their own signal generators to test their amps because ones available from other manufactures were not accurate enough. This one was personally built by Morris Kessler.

These are widow/door stickers given to dealers. They still has the protective film on the adhesive side that would attach to the glass so it looks cloudy.

Above is an early franchised dealer plaque given to dealers while the champagne gold Mark series was in production.


These are two very rare and interesting items.
 The rack filler plate on the left is a SAE BP-5 filler panel altered to accept a set of SAE A301 amplifier rack handles. These were made in a limited quantity and used only in trade shows or given to dealers for their rack display. They were not a catalog item and sold to the general public. The plaque on the right was given to dealers to display in their store. I obtained these from the former SAE VP of marketing.

Above is a Mark 23 amplifier. This is a very rare amp. Personally designed by Morris Kessler, this amp was rated for 300 watts and was intended for professional use. However, it had stability issues and was cancelled after a short production run when James Bongiorno was hired on as Director of Engineering. This one is mine and and was SAE demo amp.

Again, another rare amp personally designed by Morris Kessler .The 2301 was one of Morris’ sweetheart amps. It was developed later (a year or so after the 2401 and 2201) using a unity transformer (same in and out) producing 150 watts/channel. He really felt it was one of his best designs and the outputs were really robust. The build style is unique too as it uses a 2300 main case with 01 series cooling fans. This unit does not have a serial number so it could be a prototype but I cannot say for sure. It took me 15 years to find this one and I have never seen or heard of another one. I doubt if they ever made it into production.


Above is a Mark IIICM amplifier in champagne gold as a rack mount face plate version. Again, not in the best condition but there are only a hand full known so you take what you can get.

On the left is a black faced rack mount Mark VI tuner and on the right is a black faced rack mount Mark VIB tuner. I think these tuners are one coolest looking items SAE ever produced. I am very fortunate to own two each of Mark VI and Mark VIB tuners.

Above are pictures of an unique A201 and A301 amplifier. Notice how the LED-s have been shifted to the right and the addition of an On/Off switch. Normally, the A201 or A301 does not have an On/Off switch but export versions had them due to European requirements. Pacific Stereo requested these amps with On/Off switches too so these are export amps with 120 voltage to meet Pacific Stereo's request. This was also the case in the X-10A and X-15A amps too.

This is an E101 Parametric Equalizer. It has a silver/gray anodized face plate to match the "X" series amps and pre-amp thus making it an "XE101". This is EQ is owned by David of www.davidsaudio.com. Please go to his web site to see his collection. I am on the search for one of these for myself.

This is my latest acquisition:  a T101 AM/FM Tuner with a silver/gray anodized face plate to match the "X" series amps and pre-amp thus making it an "XT101".

My research as lead me to believe these faceplates were sold directly to dealers. They had to have the original black faceplate swapped to the grey faceplates themselves. I don't specific production numbers, but I doubt if many were made.


These are some more pictures my 4301 Forced Air Cooling System. This is an extremely rare unit and is the only one I have ever seen and was lucky enough to acquire it. There is a pro version of this unit F105 which has orange lettering which is pictured on the "Pro Systems" page. It has four fans which has a variable speed controller. There are four outlets in the rear which is controlled by the master on/off switch

Above are pictures on a 4301 without the on/off switch and the four rear outlets. I did even know this existed until David of www.davidsaudio.com purchased it. My guess is that is is an early version and the on/off switch and rear outlets were added when the pro version F105 was produced.

Above is the F105 version of the top 4301.

And yet another variation of the 4301/F105. This unit is specific for the P500 or A1001 amplifier. Instead of four fans, this unit has six fans. It was also stripped of the rear outlets, the on/off switch and variable speed controller.


Here is a set of SAE 7000 headphones. I have two pair with original boxes and owners manuals. These were made in Japan for SAE. I am not sure of the manufacturer, but SIC manufactured a very similar style so they would be the logical choice. The headband pad, head band trim to designate channel and ear cup attachment style are very close. The ear pad style is the same too but I have not included a picture of that.


Be sure to click on pictures for full size