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SAE "TWO" Series
The SAE "TWO" line was introduced as an entry level line for those who could not afford the higher end SAE products. Though much maligned by SAE enthusiasts, this line was never intended to compete with the other SAE lines and should not be judged as such. The first generation was manufactured in Japan by Marubeni. Marubeni also re-badged this line and sold it in Europe and Asia under the "Benytone" and "Nogamatic" name. The second generation was available in integrated and component form. I felt obligated as a serious SAE collector to assemble a component rack system for my collection. See my "TWO Specs" page for more information.


First & Second Generation SAE TWO Components

From top to Bottom (SAE R1 Rack)
On top of rack:
      1.  SAE II 8250 Prototype Integrated Amp
      2.  SAE TWO R9 Receiver

Mounted in rack:
     1.  SAE TWO T14 AM/FM Tuner
     2.  SAE TWO PA10 Preamplifier
     3.  SAE TWO EQ10 Parametric Equalizer
     4.  SAE TWO C4 Cassette Deck
     5.  SAE TWO P10 Amplifier
     6. SAE BP-2 Filler Panel
     7. SAE TWO C3D Cassette Deck
     8. SAE TWO C3A Integrated Amplifier

Rack mount kits were available for all units. See my "Racks & Cabinet" page for more information.


















An optional remote control was available for "SAE TWO" line cassette decks. It will also work on the C101 cassette deck but cannot be used on the C102 cassette deck as the DIN connector was not installed on the unit.

Please click on the pictures for full size