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SAE Speakers
See my "Mark Specs" page for more information on the "Mark" series speakers

I figured if I am going to collect the Mark series, I might as well try to find some sets of Mark series speakers to go with them. I was real fortunate to find not one but two sets of Mark XIV electrostatic speakers. They are definitely on the rare side with only a few sets known of around the country.

These are in real nice shape and sound great even though I need to get the woofers re-foamed.

This is the second set that I found in San Diego. They are in real nice shape too requiring some minor restoration. These are also finished in the optional rosewood.

Below is the brochure


These are the Mark XII speakers. They are electrostatics like the Mark XIV-s. They are in decent shape and functional but the cabinets need to be refinished. These cabinets were also available in the optional rosewood. The grills were in camel instead of black when in rosewood. Below is the four page brochure.

Above is a set of NOS SAE speaker stands in the original box. These are model #B10. My guess is that by their size these were intended for the Mark X speakers. I also have a pair of  model #B12 which are larger for use with the Mark XI and Mark XII speakers..


These are the Mark XI speakers which are a step above the Mark X speakers. It has double the mid-ranges and tweeters of the Mark X-s in a cabinet the same size as the Mark XII.

These are Mark X speakers. These were the entry level SAE speaker.

Bogus SAE Speakers? - You Decide

These speakers were made in the late 90's by a manufacturer in Long Beach, California. They were sold through Costco at a price of around $350.00/pair. As per Mike Pontelle of SAE & ATI, "The company making the "SAE" speakers selling them to Costco originally did not have any authority to do so. After brief discussions, we gave them a license to do so."