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SAE That Never Was
Below are pictures of actual prototype units or scans of pictures of SAE components that never made it into production. Obviously, I will post more pictures as I find them.

SAE II 8250 Integral Amplifier
This prototype must have been conceived during the development of the "TWO" line of entry level components. This prototype uses the Roman numeral "II" instead of the word "TWO" as the production units. This is also based on as Sharp production unit as compared the production units made by Marubeni.

SAE 3400 Control Amplifier

SAE Mark V Receiver Prototype


SAE T32 Tuner.
This was to be an addition to the Pro series of gear. It is a 3200 tuner with a new silk screen job to match the "P" series amplifier. Actually, it looks a lot better than the 3200.

SAE R201 Receiver
Above is a prototype of a R201 receiver to complement the existing "01" series on components. This unit is in the silver-grey color to match the "X" series. The promotional picture below shows it in the traditional black faceplate.


SAE R101 Receiver

SAE T201 Tuner

SAE I101 Integrated Amplifier

An X-15A and X-25A Amplifier with gain controls on front panel like the P250 Amplifier.

Notice this cabinet is not like the ones offered by SAE


SAE advertised a 2111 preamplifier but for some reason was never released into production

SAE originally intended to release a R12 Receiver (120 watts) and a R18 Receiver (180 watts).  Due to heat issues that could not be resolved, the to units were scrapped.