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Miscellaneous SAE Paperwork

Warranty letter from Morris Kessler in regards to Mark/"00" series

The five year warranty for Mark/"00" series

Warranty Info for Mark/"00"

Letter from the Pringle Group ( the Canadian SAE Distributor) to new owners

Introduction of Mark IIIC and IIICM amplifier

Introduction of Mark XXVII equalizer

Warranty Registration Card for Mark/"00"/"01"

Warranty stickers to be adhered to Mark/"00" series gear

Three year warranty for "01" series

Post card to receive more info on Mark series products

Order form for optional SAE cabinets for Mark series products

Consumer Information Card

Blank SAE Letterhead

SAE letter recommending the use of high impendence head phones with their components

Morris Kessler's Business Card
SAE Visitor Pass

SAE held performance clinics at local audio stores so customers could bring in their own amps and do a side by side comparison to a SAE amp. Above is an announcement of such.

An 01 series pricelist for 1982 in Canadian dollars

The SAE Christmas card from 1980.

SAE form to return parts under warranty from authorized SAE service centers.


SAE form to return components under warranty from authorized SAE service centers.



Instructions for installing the optional rack mount face plate to the SAE 5000 or 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System



Amplifier Inspection Report