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SAE "Mark" Series
I tried to hold off on collecting any of this series, but I just could not stay away. Staying true with the rest of my collection, I decided to assemble a black faced rack mount and a black faced non rack euro system using along with a few select champagne gold components.


SAE Mark VI and VIB Tuners
I have really become to appreciate the quality and good looks of the Mark VI and VIB tuners. I was lucky enough to get two each of both models with the black faced rack mount face plates. I also try to obtain the champagne versions when they pop up locally.


           This is my Mark collection. Besides the black faced rack mount components, I have become quite enamored with the non-rack mount components that were manufactured for the European market. All units are installed in the appropriate optional walnut cabinets. I find the black units in the walnut cabinets much more appealing than the champagne gold units in the walnut cabinets.

Left Center
SAE R-3 Rack

  1. Hervic HR-150 Receiver

  2. SAE Mark V Receiver

  3. SAE Signal Generator

  4. SAE PB-3 Filler Panel

  5. SAE BP-3 Filler Panel

  6. SAE Mark 2500 Amplifier

  7. SAE Mark IIICM Amplifier

  8. SAE Mark IVD Amplifier


Middle Left
SAE R-3 Rack

  1. SAE Mark IM Preamplifer

  2. SAE Mark IB Preamlifier

  3. SAE Mark I Preamplifier

  4. SAE Mark VIB Tuner

  5. SAE Mark VI Tuner

  6. SAE Mark VIII Tuner

  7. SAE Mark XVII Equalizer

  8. SAE Mark 2700B Equalizer


Middle Right
SAE R-2 Rack

  1. (2) California Audio Labs Tercet Mk III CD Players

  2. SAE Mark XVII Equalizer

  3. SAE Mark VIB Tuner

  4. SAE Mark VIII Tuner

  5. SAE Mark I Preamplifier

  6. SAE Mark III Amplifier


Right Center
SAE R-1 Rack

  1. SAE Mark VII Equalizer

  2. SAE Mark 1B Preamplifier

  3. SAE Mark 1M Preamplifier

  4. SAE VIB Tuner

  5. SAE VI Tuner

  6. SAE Mark IVDM Amplifier

  7. SAE Mark IIICM Amplifier


Extreme Left
SAE R-1 Rack

  1. SAE Mark VIII Tuner

  2. SAE/Hervic HR150 Receiver

  3. SAE X-BP-2 Filler Panel

  4. SAE Mark IIIA Amplifier

  5. SAE MARK IIICM Amplifier

  6. SAE Mark XXIV Amplifier

  7. SAE Mark XXV Amplifier

  8. SAE Mark XXIII Amplifier







Extreme Right
SAE R-1 Rack

  1. SAE Mark 2700B Equalizer

  2. SAE Mark 1M Preamplifier

  3. SAE Mark 1B Preamplifier

  4. SAE Mark VIB Tuner

  5. SAE Mark VI Tuner

  6. SAE Mark IIICM Amplifier

  7. SAE Mark IIIC Amplifier

This is the optional fan kit for the Mark IIIC and IIICM amplifiers. It attached on the top side of the heat sinks on the rear of the unit.

Above is the cable that came with the 1B and 1M preamplifier enabling the user to back feed the amp into the preamplifier to use the speaker selector switch on the from panel. Most of these have been lost over the years so it is unusual to find a preamp that still has it.

There were three different silk screened versions of the half-octave graphic equalizer - "Mark XXVIIB", "Mark 2700B" and finally "2700B". These silk screened versions reflect the migration from the "Mark" series to the "00" series.