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SAE "Mark" Specs
Here are spec sheets for the original series SAE "Mark". The original series was champagne gold with optional walnut cabinets . This gear was designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

This brochure is for the Mark II Amplifier

This brochure is of the first series of production "Mark" components.


The next three brochures are a mixture of first and second generation "Mark" components.

Group 1 Brochure
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Group 2 Brochure
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Group 3 brochure
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These are two page brochures for the "Mark 2400" and "Mark 2500" amps

A two page brochure with mention of the "Mark XII" speakers


SAE non-rack mount black-faced "Mark" series for Export

SAE also manufactured the "Mark" series in non-rack mount black face plate to export to Europe due to the popularity of black audio gear there at the time. Below are a few examples. As told to me, these came about because an Italian distributor asked SAE for "something different" to market in Europe. From what I can tell, SAE shipped the black face plates separate from the components and the faceplates where swapped out at the dealers. Because of this, I have seen Euro versions with only the face plate changed and the champagne gold knobs left intact. To the best of my knowledge, SAE never did a brochure on these items. I collect these too so see my "Mark System" page to view them.

Mark VIB Tuner

Mark VIII Tuner

Mark IB Preamplifier

Mark IIICM Amplifier


Mark XXVIIB Equalizer

Mark IVDM Amplifier


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