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Welcome to
Jim's SAE Site



  I , like many others, became obsessed with SAE equipment and its sound in the early1980's. There is quite a large following of people who love their SAE equipment and it seems like more people are interested in SAE everyday. I have assembled this site to help new and veteran SAE enthusiasts find the information they need. I have put online the most informative spec sheets and brochures in my possession. I have listed my inventory of brochures and manuals to help those who need it. Anyways, take a look around  and feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions, can contribute more information or any corrections.

One quick note, I am not an electronics tech. I know how to hook it all up and that's about it.  I don't know the difference between a capacitor and a diode, so any questions in regard to repair should be directed to the SAE  group. SAE_Talk@yahoogroups.com

This is my main system using my favorite SAE components along with SAE Mark XIV electrostatic speakers in rare rosewood. See below for detail listing of components.

Left rack: SAE R-2 Rack w/ SR-7 (4 space) & SR-10 (6 space) Stack Rack Extensions

  1. On top of rack - SAE 5000 Noise Reduction System (non-rack mount version)

  2. On top of rack - SAE 4100 Time Delay (non-rack mount version)

  3. SAE 2201 Amplifier w/ 01 style rack mount flanges

  4. SAE 2201 Amplifier

  5. SAE 2301 Amplifier

  6. SAE 2401 Anplifier

  7. SAE A201 Amplifier

  8. SAE A201 Amplifier w/ On/Off switch

  9. SAE BP-3 Filler Panel

  10. SAE A301 Amplifier w/ On/Off Switch

  11. SAE A301 Amplifier

  12. SAE A501 Amplifier

  13. SAE A1001 Amplifier

Center left rack: SAE R-1 Rack w/ SR-5 (3 space) & SR-8 (5 space) Stack Rack Extensions

  1. On top of rack - SAE 8000 Tuner

  2. SAE Mark VI Tuner

  3. California Audio Labs Aria CD Player

  4.  California Audio Labs Aria CD Player

  5. SAE Mark VIB Tuner

  6. SAE BP-1 Filler Panel

  7. SAE T32 Tuner

  8. SAE P50 Amplifier

  9. SAE P250 Amplifier

  10. SAE F105 Forced Air Cooling System (four fan version)

  11. SAE P500 Amplifier

  12. SAE F105 Forced Air Cooling System (six fan version)


Center right rack: SAE R-2 Rack


  1. On top of rack - Micro Seiki DQX-1000 Turntable w/ SAE cartridge

  2. SAE BP-1 Filler Panel

  3. SAE RC-1 Cassette Shelf

  4. SAE 2100 Pre-amplifier

  5. SAE 2100L Pre-amplifier

  6. SAE 2800 Parametric Equalizer

  7. SAE 2700B Equalizer

  8. SAE 4000 Crossover

Right rack: SAE R-2 Rack w/ SR-7 (4 space) & SR-10 (6 space) Stack Rack Extensions

  1. SAE 7000 Headphones (two pairs)

  2. SAE 4200 Speaker/Headphone Switching Unit

  3. SAE BP-3 Filler Panel

  4. SAE X-10A Amplifier w/ On/Off switch

  5. SAE X-10A Amplifier

  6. SAE X-10A Amplifier

  7. SAE X-15A Amplifier

  8. SAE 4100 Time Delay Ambiance System

  9. SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System w/ late version rack mount face plate

  10. SAE 4501 Bridge Adapter

  11. SAE 4301 Forced Air Cooling System

  12. SAE X-15A Amplifier w/ On/Off switch

  13. SAE X-25A Amplifier

  14. SAE X-25A Amplifier

  15. SAE X-25A Amplifier in A501 case

This is what I call my "Wall of Mark". Please see my "Mark System" page  and "SAE Speakers" page for details

This row of racks covers the later years - "TWO" series, "02" series, "X" series and "01" series. Please see the appropriate page for system details.

Above is my SAE BP-2 filler panel that Morris Kessler and Mike Pontelle were gracious enough to autograph for me. This is the perfect finishing touch to my collection. I am very grateful to both of them to accommodate a SAE nut.

Updated 01/01/2018