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SAE "02" System
 This is a complete system with all components SAE offered in the "02" line.

This SAE "02" System consists of the following components:

SAE R1 Rack

                         Items on top of rack

   1. Microphone and case for E102 equalizer pink    noise generator
    2. Two remotes for the D102 CD players
    3. SAE I102 Integrated Amplifier
    4. SAE R102 Receiver
    5. SAE/Inkel C102 Cassette Deck
                        Items mounted in rack

  1. SAE BP-1 Filler Panel

  2. SAE/INKEL T102 Tuner

  3. SAE P102 Pre-amplifier

  4. SAE E102 Graphic Equalizer

  5. SAE D102 CD Player (early model)

  6. SAE D102 CD Player (late model)

  7. SAE BP-3 Filler Panel (dealer only)

  8. SAE C102 Cassette Deck

  9. SAE A202 Amplifier

  10. SAE A502 Amplifier

Additional 02 Information

This sticker was added to the inside cover of the P102 preamp to explain the function of the RCA stand by jacks on the rear of the P102 and associated components. The RCA standby jacks was added to the later units and were not on the early units.

As stated on the "02 Brochure" page, SAE contracted Inkel of South Korea to manufacture the 02 line. As part of the contract, Inkel was allowed to re-badge the line and sell it in the domestic Korean market.  From what I can tell, the wood side panels were not included. What they did do though, was to add a switch on the rear panel to select either 110 or 220 volt. You can also see the licensing statement too.

Here is an example of a T102 tuner. In this case, they just applied an "Inkel/" sticker in front of the silk screened SAE logo instead silk screening the Inlel logo as with the C102.

Above is a shot of the back of the Korean D102. This unit is switched for 110/220 for both the main power supply and the standby circuit.

There were two D102 players with the change taking place in 98/99. The later model had a RCA output for a digital signal and had an improved LED panel. An easy way to tell the difference between the two: look at the transport door - the "compact disc" logo is larger on the earlier model as compared to the later model. See the above pictures. The picture on the left shows the earlier model and the picture on the right shows the later model.

There two styles of remotes for the D102 CD player. The one on the left with the gray silk screening around the buttons is for the earlier CD player and the one on the right is for the later model.


Additional 02 Information

Two close ups for the microphone and case for the E102 equalizer



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