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SAE "01" System
This is the balance of my "01" system collection that is not being used in my main system. I also added the "00" series amps and some OEM amps to this rack set-up.

 Right Rack - SAE R-2 Rack w/ SR-7 Stack Rack Extension
  Gear from top to bottom

  1. SAE A205 Amplifier

  2. Audiometrics AM441 Amplifier (SAE oem-ed)

  3. Audiometrics AM421 Amplifier (SAE oem-ed)

  4. SAE BP-1 Filler Panel

  5. SAE T101 Tuner

  6. SAE P101 Pre-amplifier

  7. SAE E101 Equalizer

  8. SAE PB-2 Filler Panel

  9. SAE 5000A Noise Impulse Reduction System

  10. SAE C101 Cassette Deck

  11. SAE C101 Cassette Deck w/ filled symbols

  12. SAE A201 Amplifier

  13. SAE A201 Amplifier w/ on/off switch

  14. SAE A301 Amplifier w/ on/off switch

Left Rack - SAE R-2 Rack w/ SR-10 Stack Rack Extension 
  Gear from top to bottom

  1. SAE 2201 Amplifier w/ later rack style

  2. SAE 2201 Amplifier w/ early rack style

  3. SAE 2401 Amplifier

  4. SAE 2400L Amplifier (late version)

  5. SAE 2400L Amplifier (early version)

  6. SAE 2400 Amplifier

  7. SAE 2500 Amplifier

  8. SAE 2600 Amplifier




Additional 01 Information

This warning for the E101 was included in the E101 box. This warning is in regards to a potential overload of the E101 and the level controls on the rear to prevent it.

This is the RS101 Remote Speaker that attaches to the P101 preamplifier via a 5 pin DIN connector. This allows you to control two sets of speakers directly from the preamp.


There were two styles of C101 Cassette Decks. On one style the red silk screened symbols where hollow and on some units the symbols where filled in. I don't know why this was and am still trying to find out why. The picture on the left shows the hollow symbols and the one on the right shows the symbols filled in.

I also have come across two styles of the 2201 amp. One with the rack handle style like the 2401 amp and another one with the rack style with the stepped flange like the 01 and 02 series line. When I saw the first one, I thought it was altered by the purchaser but I have seen several of these now. SAE was very accommodating so I am sure they did this alteration for those who requested it.

Be sure to click on pictures for full size