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SAE "01" Specs
Here are the brochure and spec sheets for the SAE "01" series. The "01" series was designed in Los Angeles with the early gear manufactured in Los Angeles. During this time, the City of Los Angeles invoked eminent domain over the SAE property and SAE was forced to vacate. While SAE was re-locating to a new facility, SAE moved production to Japan. Marubeni, the manufacturer of the SAE TWO line, took over assembly in the interim. Therefore, you will find SAE "01" components with "Made in Japan" silk screened on the rear panel. It also seems C101 cassette deck was manufactured in Japan and also in Korea by Inkel, the manufacturer of the "02" line.



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The hot sheet for the C101 Cassette Deck

It does not look like SAE made a hot sheet for the RS-101 remote speaker switcher for the P-101 preamp. Here is the spec sheet/instruction paper that came with it.

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This series of amps pictured above filled the gap between the end of the "00" amps and the introduction of the "01" amps and other "01" products.

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